US Leads the Crypto World: $46.95 Billion Industry Booming


• The US crypto industry is worth an estimated $46.95 billion and employs 5,691 people across 1,992 businesses.
• The UK comes in second with its cryptocurrency industry valued at $8.16 billion and employing 617 people across 817 businesses.
• Other countries that have made the list includes Germany, France, Vietnam, Switzerland, UAE and Estonia.

Industry Rankings

Coin Journal’s list of most desirable crypto countries ranks the United States as number one with a score of 9.94 out of 10 due to its substantial cryptocurrency market size and employment opportunities. The United Kingdom came in second place with an estimated value of $8.16 billion dollars and 617 employees working within 817 businesses in the crypto space. Germany followed in third place while France and Vietnam tied for fourth place at a combined total of around $17 billion worth of blockchain fin-tech startups between them.

Ranking Methodology

Coin Journal utilized multiple factors when creating their ranking list such as the number of cryptocurrency owners by country, investment companies, crypto startups, and the estimated average gains from crypto per country when determining each nation’s success within the industry. Other reports such as Chainalysis‘ annual Geography of CryptoCurreny Report include wider issues like macroeconomic environment, policy, and regulatory conditions when making their recommendations on which countries make the cut for top-ranking status.

Debates Over Rankings

The release of Coin Journal’s report has sparked heated debates online regarding whether quality of life or cost of living should be taken into consideration when making rankings for successful crypto environments. Money often plays a key role in any cryptocurrency venture but does not necessarily reflect other important factors such as lifestyle or overall economic health that could also affect a nation’s success within this new digital asset class.


Ultimately money does play an important role in determining which countries are top performers when it comes to cryptocurrencies but there are many other aspects to consider before making any final conclusions about which nations can be considered most successful within this emerging asset class . Factors such as macroeconomic environment , policy , regulation , quality of life , cost of living should all be taken into account before declaring one nation more “successful” than another .

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